The project of "Promotion of Energy-Efficient Buildings towards Developing Sustainable Built Environment in the Gaza Strip-Palestine" (PEEB), is an academic partnership project implemented by the Architectural Engineering Department at Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) and Institute of Architectural Science at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).  It is funded by the Austrian Partnership programme in Higher Education and Research for Development (APPEAR) and Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

The main aim of the project is to promote energy efficiency in buildings as a strategy to achieve sustainable built environment in the Gaza strip – Palestine. The project seeks to develop an approach to sustainable building design and construction that contributes to reducing the energy consumption of buildings and its adverse environmental impacts.

Project Duration: 1st May, 2015 to 30th April, 2017


The main objectives of the project are as follows:

·Facilitating a transition towards more environmentally sustainable development in Palestine.

·Establishing a research cluster in the field of energy efficiency.

·Increasing public awareness of the importance and methods of reducing energy consumption in buildings.

·Capacity building for local organizations in the field of energy-efficient buildings.

·Incorporating energy-efficient building design into the curricula of the architectural programs.

·Developing collaborative relations between Palestinian and Austrian institutions.





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